VESMER, Silver Wholesaler

Making a purchase on is as simple as following the steps below:

  1. Access our product catalog through the sections you will find at the top of the navigation menu.

  1. View the products that interest you. By clicking on a product you can get more information about it (details of the article, manufacturing materials, etc.).

  1. Once you have entered the product, all the varieties of that article appear, choose the quantity you want from each variant and once you have it selected, add it to the cart. Once the previous step has been completed, you can continue shopping or go to your cart and finish the purchase.

  1. When you have finished selecting all the products you want, go to the cart, there will appear the detail of your purchase and you can modify the quantity of any item or remove it from your order, once reviewed confirm that the shipping address and of billing are correct, if not, you must modify them. Also at this point you will have to choose the shipping method and the payment method.

  1. In the payment method it will appear by default, payment by transfer, select said payment method and once the purchase is finished your agent will contact you to finalize the payment details ..

  1. Once you have finished your order, your advisor will contact you to confirm that all items are available and / or if you wish to add an item or wish to specify any variation of the product.